Chase Brown of Vintage Year and VY Cafe

Chase Brown, the general manager of Vintage Year, has some great plans for the community.

Before Chase became the Vintage Year Rockstar we know him as today.  He was the General Manager of the Olive Room in downtown Montgomery as well as the Assistant General Manager at the very successful Fisher’s Restaurant in Orange Beach Marina. This is where Chase encountered his mentor, Johnny Fisher, and really began to develop his eye for details and understanding the overall picture of hospitality. Growing up in Alabama, Chase “never met a stranger” according to his mom and was always ready to help her with any hospitality events she might be involved in.

Chase’s vision for the new Vintage Year is to change the landscape of the food and beverage culture in Montgomery by offering a “best in class” dining experience akin to some of the surrounding cities like Birmingham, Atlanta and New Orleans. Chase also wants the new Vintage Year to be the “go to place” for young professionals and plans to introduce several new annual events that will appeal to this group and many others.

Chase says “you must have a lot of passion for what you do in this industry” and it’s very obvious when you meet him, he loves serving the community.

  • Alabama Restaurant & Hospitality Association Board of Directors
  • Montgomery Riverfront Board of Directors
  • ARHA Pro-Start Competition Judge
  • Montgomery County Bar Association Special Event Coordinator
  • ARHA Government Relations Committee, ARHA Education Committee
  • “The List”, RSVP Magazine, 2016


But all we really want to know is; where do we find mimosas and coffee to go in Cloverdale? Find out more about the VY Cafe and other projects.

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