Yogie Gidley, Talent Agent

As someone who believes in cultivating the dreams of people from all over, Yogie has spent her life trying to help others shine.

With the founding of Chance Music Promotions in 2006, Yogie was able to pave the way for new artists, models, performers, and more.

She believes in giving people a chance to bring their dreams to life and helps them by being a liason with local venues.

Yogie has worked with artists that have opened for Pretty Ricky, DJ Luke Nasty, have performed at fashion shows, the fair, Renaissance Idol, Prattville Idol, and more.

She is the Director of the TV Show “Is it YOUR Time to Shine?” which received shout outs from Nile Rogers, Jon B., and more.

She has helped artists book venues like Birmingham Play House, The Renaissance, and many other local treasures.

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